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Making the most of your MacEwan days

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Beginning a post-secondary career daunts even the most prepared students.  Making the best use of your time becomes a critical skill for success.  Fret not fearless reader! We’re here to help!

I’m James, your efficiency maximizer, and it’s my job to guide you through the pitfalls and perils of life in MacEwan’s School of Business.  From multitasking to prioritizing assignments, I’ll lend my years of experience to you, our readers.  Hailing from New Brunswick, I’ve toiled through three different universities and three degree programs in two provinces and have gained a great deal of insight about university life.

Don’t think, however, I’ll confine my blogs strictly to studies.  University life consists of more than scholastics and so will this blog.  Hangover cures, the best bars for cheap drinks, student resources and the best places to get cheap books will all factor into this exciting blog.

So strap in, hold on and take advantage of my years of triumphs and failures.  Success will be yours!  Questions and comments are welcome from all!

James, The Efficiency King


This is she…

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It’s me, it’s Karen.

From Bollywood to Hollywood, I’m a film fanatic with a collection of over 200 titles. Some of my favourites include: The Godfather part I and II, The Matrix, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

I’m also your guide to networking with ease, starting the conversation and making key connections. Come here for tips on interviews and working the first impression.

Thank you all and Welcome to the Grapevine.

This is me…

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My heart is in San Francisco. My foot is on a bicycle pedal. My mind is on public relations.

I launched myself into MacEwan’s public relations program, where creativity is infectious, unique ideas are plentiful and friendships are inevitable. One of my absolute favourite parts of the program are all the networking and volunteer opportunities.

Blogging is the greatest thing the internet has ever cooked up. The 105th Street Grapevine will discuss issues and ideas relating to business students. My posts are all about staying motivated and healthy throughout the year. I will remind you to take your vitamins! You’ll thank us for all the tips during your adventurous, yet challenging journey. I’m pleased to welcome your readership!

A graceful bow,


Keeping you current

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Things are always brewing here in the School of Business.

I’m Scott, and I’m here to keep you up-to-date with all the latest events and affairs that the MacEwan School of Business has to offer.

Whether fun, informative, or a mixture of both, I’ve got you covered!

Spread the word

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Hello newcomers,

Consider us your eyes and ears for everything School of Business.

You’re starting a new adventure – welcome! You’re meeting unique friends and inspiring instructors – congrats! You’re launching a successful education – hurray!

Stay tuned for updates. 105th Street Grapevine is your daily dose of juicy news every step of the way.