You have benefits

All full-time students at Grant MacEwan have a benefits plan. Coverage includes:

  • Dental upto 80% or 100% if you use a Grant MacEwan approved Dentist,
  • Optometrists yearly check – up,
  • chiropractor 80%,  and
  • prescription 100% (depends on medication)

If you haven’t book an appointment with your Dentist or Optometrist – book before school’s out!


5 Responses to “You have benefits”

  1. Great info Karen! I didn’t know about the benefits until very recently. It can save you a bundle!

  2. Don’t forget though, you can always opt out of the plan at the beginning of the semester. If you can still take advantage of you’re parents’ benefit plan, then this might be a good option. There’s no point in paying for benefits that you already have.

  3. Excellent point Adrienne. No one should pay for something they already have.

  4. The student benefit plan was awesome for me. I spend a lot of money on prescriptions, vision care and dental work every year.
    For some people, it might even be worth it to take out another personal health care plan. You’ll have to pay for it, but depending on how much you spend annually, it may even out.
    Check out the Alberta Blue Cross website for info:

  5. I am so grateful for the student benefits! Otherwise, my regular prescriptions would be very expensive. You never know when you’ll need coverage for something, even if you’re healthy at the moment. Do you happen to know when these benefits are of use to us? Can we still use them in May and June during our practicums?

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