Social media: your special friend

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Hey again all,

Just a quick note now that we’re heading out into the field shortly.  I’m sure we don’t all have each others phone numbers and contact information outside of facebook.  It is, therefore, vitally important to maintain, and possibly strengthen, these carefully fostered relationships.  Social media can be very useful in this arena.  Additionally, it can be a great way to network between other work contacts that your friends may make in their new positions.

Social media is also free.  Free is good.

That is all.  Have a good Wednesday everybody,

The Efficiency King


Happy Days

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Howdy all,

Happy days!  And not the TV show from the 70s, but rather the fact that we’re getting so close to the very end.  It’s a celebration!!!

I think we should all focus on the fact that we’re so close to the end.  Exams and presentations are almost over and then we can all breathe a big sigh of relief.

That’s all for today.  Just a quick note of positivity for the night

The Efficiency King

Relax your mind

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With finals in our midst, we’re all looking for a break. Here are some quick and easy things to do to find some peace of mind with all the chaos around you:

1. Light a candle. Even this simple act makes your environment a lot less stressful. Try a scented candle for that little something extra!

2. Just breathe. Yes it’s cliche, but focusing on breathing slowly is actually a tactic designed to focus your mind and shut off all those nagging thoughts. If you’re really feeling ambitious, try meditation. Even 10 minutes of meditation can make your day feel less like a zoo and more like a garden.

3. If you’re not into meditation, simple silence can do the trick. Go to a quiet room, turn off all distractions and just let your mind wander for a time.

4. Read a book. Everyone loves to escape into worlds where their problems seem just a little bit farther away. Even a small period of reading (ie: before bedtime) can put your mind at ease.

5. Do something creative. Instead of reading a book, why not paint, draw, or play your musical instrument of choice? Once you get into it, it’s guaranteed to focus you on something other than anxiety.

6. Go for a walk, jog, or run. With the weather as it is, why not? Step away from your troubles and release a few of those feel-good endorphins in the process!

7. Cook up something delicious. Or, if you’re feeling less ambitious, choose that choice comfort food that you can… well, find comfort in. Just don’t overindulge, you don’t want calories and carbs to be another bother on your mind.

8. Think of something you really enjoy doing. Even if it’s between study breaks, break out your favorite video game or spend a few minutes looking at old photographs. It can be a great break that lets you come back to your work feeling more at ease.
Simply put, there’s no end to what you can do to shut your mind off. Relaxation is only a step away!

– Scott


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Hey all,

It’s that time again.  PANIC TIME!!!!! Whether you’re a slacker who didn’t study, like myself, or an overachiever who can’t stop stressing we’ve all had a twinge of panic at the last minute.

It’s important to remember, however, that life will go on.  Finals aren’t going to kill you.  The stress will go away and things will go back to normal.

So take a deep breath.  Have some confidence in yourself.  Let your subconscious do the heavy lifting.

Anyway I’m off to cram.  Good luck all,

The Efficiency King

School’s out!

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With school coming to end student’s rush to find summer jobs.

Visit the Student Resource Centre at Grant MacEwan for job listings and counseling. You can also send your resume to a job agency or online job bank.

Happy hunting.

You have benefits

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All full-time students at Grant MacEwan have a benefits plan. Coverage includes:

  • Dental upto 80% or 100% if you use a Grant MacEwan approved Dentist,
  • Optometrists yearly check – up,
  • chiropractor 80%,  and
  • prescription 100% (depends on medication)

If you haven’t book an appointment with your Dentist or Optometrist – book before school’s out!

Kick back

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Take a load off at the Student Business Lounge, located on the second floor of the 105th street building. The Lounge offers stressed out business students a place for relaxing or squeezing in valuable study time. This hidden gem boasts spacious study rooms for private or group study.

Other amenities include:

  • Small kitchenette (consisting of a sink and microwave)
  • Free photo copying
  • Couches for lounging
  • Plasma screen T.V. (displaying upcoming events and inspirational quotes)
  • Computer access

The lounge also comes complete with helpful staff ready to address your concerns. So, whenever you’re feeling weighed down, head to the Student Business Lounge.